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Gigi Hadid Rocks the Denim Shirt out in NYC

I have to say that denim shirts are one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. If you open my wardrobe you will find different denim shirts that I love to style with various clothes. When I saw Gigi wearing this denim shirt with lace up black leather pants, white sneakers I immediately fall in

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5 Wrap Dresses to Include in your Wardrobe this Summer

My new favorite dress is the wrap dress. It could be a maxi warp dress or a short cute wrap dress, I am totally in love with this trend. The warp dress is very chic and easy to wear. It can transform your look tremendously especially when you have no clue what to wear for

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5 Items a Fashionista should have in her Wardrobe

Fashion in not only knowing about the latest trends of fashion, or making sure to have the trendiest items in your wardrobe.  Or even following you favorite fashion blogs and leaving a cute comment from time to time. Fashion is a lifestyle. Here are 5 items every fashionista should have in her wardrobe. Leather Jacket: 

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