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6 Ways to Wear your Shirt Dress this Summer

Summer is here and we are enjoying every moment of it on the beach, or with friends. We are always thinking on that summary outfit that is going to let us stand out in the crowd. or even make us very comfortable in this crazy heat. One of the trends that every woman should have

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Miranda Kerr Spices Up Moschino Show in LA

Miranda kerr send some spicy vibes through the runway in her beautiful appearance at Moschino show in LA yesterday. The sexy model walked down the runway looking so fresh and young. Moschino has become a young pop trend thanks to his new director and CEO Jeremy Scott who uses his many celebrities connections to make

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a Look at Miranda Kerr Closet

Miranda Kerr, one of my favorite models. Kerr doesn’t only dazzle on the runway but she takes her sublime style to her daily life. The model has a great street style. I confess that getting a look at her closet is really a dream of mine. She just has a simple closet but with classical pieces

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Miranda Kerr in Louis Vuitton for the Met Gala

I have to say it. Miranda Kerr is one of the models that i really like to watch their styles off the runway. She is always chic and trendy. Miranda Kerr attended the biggest fashion even of the year, the Met Gala  wearing a gorgeous Louis Vuitton dress composed of two pieces.

5 Easy Ways to Wear Berry lipstick

1- Berry lipstick with smoky eyes using berry eyeshadow. Make sure to sue a lipliner to perfect the color. 2- Berry lipstick with light smoky eyes. 3- Megan Fox looks incredibly beautiful using this lighter shade of berry lipstick. 4- Just berry lipstick. I am a big fan of natural makeup. 5- Berry Lipstick with

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