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Natural Hair, Leather Jacket Makes Perfect Match

Lazy days, Unexpected dates, and relaxed weekends are all moments where you are just not feeling like dressing up or finding yourself stuck with no choices pretty much. Therefore, today I am telling you  it’s fine, take a deep breath and try this trick.It works for everyone. Trust me. You can wear your natural hair

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Kendall Jenner: Model Street Styles

1-Wearing all green with nude heels. Kendall Jenner wearing fur coat with black jeans. Kendall Jenner wearing high waisted pants, white sneakers and leather jacket. Kendall Jenner wearing sheer tights and leather jacket.  

5 Items a Fashionista should have in her Wardrobe

Fashion in not only knowing about the latest trends of fashion, or making sure to have the trendiest items in your wardrobe.  Or even following you favorite fashion blogs and leaving a cute comment from time to time. Fashion is a lifestyle. Here are 5 items every fashionista should have in her wardrobe. Leather Jacket: 

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