5 Ways to Wear Gucci Princetown Loafers

If you ask me about my newest obsession, I will totally answer you it is the Gucci Princetown leather slipper. Gucci found its way back in the game by designing one of the most beautiful, practical peace of art. It Actually took it another whole level, Gucci took the slipper from a slipper that we usually use at home to be cosy and feel comfortable, to this sophisticated piece that you actually can wear with everything and look fashionable. The Gucci Princetown is comfortable to walk around the city but still a very trendy shoes to wear for any occasion.

Here are five ways to wear your Gucci Princetown leather slipper:
1-Wear it with Shorts


Kendall Jenner looking very sexy in this Zebra Gucci Princetown loafers.

2- Wear it with black Jeans and black leather jacket.


Chiara Ferragni

Shop thses beautiful Mules loafers:

Via Spiga Yeo Suede Mules

3- Wear it with Ripped jeans.

gucci princetown leather slippers

4-Wear it with dresses


Alexa Chungs looks lovely pairing the Gucci Princetown  slipper with a white dress.

5- Wear it with Skirts


Gucci has always been one of my favorite brands. It is the symbol of classy, sophisticated and fashionable. One of the other products that I am in love with is their perfume, Guilty by Gucci. Click on the image to buy it for a cheap price.


gucci princetown loafers


gucci princetown loafers u


gucci princetown loafers j


gucci loafers


gucci loafers k

Please share with me if you like the  Gucci Princetown loafers , or you just find it so clishe, because after all  it is a slipper !!!. XOXO


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