4 Easy Tricks to Get Rid of Tired Eyes


Having tired eyes is  an issue that most busy women suffer from. Life has become very hectic and we are running like crazy everywhere everyday. From work to education, your eyes may suffer from fatigue which can cause tired, burned out eyes which going to give you an old look that you will really hate. Here are some easy tricks that can you fight tired eyes:

1- Sleep well: Most of us does’t get enough sleep during the night either because you are on Instagram, or because of a legitimate reason like work and busy schedule. No matter what is the reason you really need to get those eight hours of sleep. Sleep is crucial to produce new cells and banish tired eyes.


2-Ditch your Electronics: Seriously this has become an issue for most of us. We sleep with our phones. Always on Instagram and Twitter at night. We use way too much computers and laptops. All this light coming from your computer screen can make your eyes tired, so be careful.

Portrait of tired young business woman with laptop computer at t
Portrait of tired young business woman with laptop computer at the office

3-Dehydration: The lack of water can cause huge problems, one of them is dehydration which directly cause tired eyes and dark circles under your eyes. Therefore, reach out to at least eight glasses of water every day.


4- Use a Hydrating eye cream: The area under your eyes is very sensitive. So take an extra care of it. Use a cream especially designed for eyes every night.

Woman with eye cream

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