7 Beach Bag Essentials you should Have this Summer

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Summer is around the corner, and we are all killing ourselves in the gym to have that sexy bikini body to go to the beach and have a good time while looking good. But you should know that going to the beach has a ritual and there are some items that you must have in your beach bag.

1- Sunscreen: This is the most important thing for me to carry when going to the beach because protecting the skin from sun damage is crucial if you want to enjoy a nice, young-looking skin for a while.

2- Your favorite Book: Many of us has almost no time to read books no more due to our busy schedules and hectic life. Therefore, take advantage of that day on the beach and carry your favorite book with you to read while you are laying down and enjoying the sun.

3-Bottle of water:  Keep hydrated and drink a lot of water, especially that you will be exposed to sun all day.

4-Sunglasses: Another Favorite item of mine, wearing sunglasses don’t only protect your beautiful eyes but they represent a fashion statement, so make sure to choose shades that will reflect your personality and gives you a nice edge in the beach.

5-Beach Towel: Trust me you will need it !

6- Hat: For more sun protection wear a hat, that will not only protect you from sun from nosy people as well !

7- Fruits and crackers:  I love carrying fruits to the beach because it’s the best thing to eat while being exposed to the sun. They are fall of vitamins and can keep you hydrated.


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