4 Easy Tricks to get Rid of Split Ends

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Beautiful hair is every woman’s goal. Having that long hair will always add to your beauty. Considering hair as the crown of beauty has historic roots, beginning from Cleopatra to nowadays beauty idols such as Kim Kardashian. However, there is always this nightmare problem that prevents from growing long, beautiful hair, which is split ends. Today, I am going to share 4 tricks to get rid of split ends.

1-Air dry your hair: I know that you schedule may not permit to air dry your hair every day. However, let your hair air dry whenever you have a chance because too much heat can hurt your hair and then cause split ends.

air dry hair

2-Use Oil  hair treatment: One of my favorite hair treatments for split ends is oil treatments. They really nourish your hair and protect your hair from getting split ends. Use oil hair treatment before washing your hair after, so you will get a full result.

Aromatic oils
Aromatic oils

3-Use a Heat protector: I personally love these products. Heat protectors are easy to use and really effective to protect your hair from getting split ends. We hairdryer, flatirons ( the worst for hair ) daily, so all that heat will diffidently damage your hair and you will end up getting a lot of split ends.




4- Never Comb your Wet hair: Well this is something that I used to do all the time. Result: many split ends. Try to air dry your hair first and them comb it gently. You see the secret of getting a beautiful hair is treating your hair like a diamond that you have to keep safe and maintain every day.



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