4 Secrets to Protect your Hair from Sun Damage this Summer.

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I have to admit that one of my worst nightmares is having that damaged hair by the end of summer season. It just takes forever to get your hair back on tack. It takes a lot of work and hair treatments to get your hair smooth again. You may even end up by cutting your hair by the end of the season just to get rid of damaged hair.

Here are some steps that can really protect your hair from sun damage:

1-Wear a hat: wearing a hat can protect your hair and scalp and even your fave from sun damage. Furthermore, it is a hot fashion trend now.

2-Use a hair sunscreen: Yes hair sunscreen ! your face  or skin are not the only places where you have to use sunscreen to protect them. Your hair too. There are many products in the drugstores that you can use.

3- Use Leave in conditioner: leave in conditioners is great to protect your hair. It give it strength,moisture,and nourish your hair.

4- Do not Color your Hair : I know that this one can be hard but colored hair seemed yo get damaged very easily, especially with sun exposure. So even if you color your hair in the summer time make sure to nourish it with natural products and to stay away from excessive use of cosmetics.

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