5 Looks to Borrow from Chiara Ferragni

I have to say that, Chiara Ferragni is one of my favorite fashion bloggers. She have a very sublime style. She is always innovating in her styles and outfits. Chiara just makes the bloggers world looks so glamorous. Today, Chiara Ferragni is not just the trendiest blogger, she also a successful businesswoman. Her blob “The Blonde Salad” is worth millions of dollars today. Also Chiara has launched a shoe line (that I personally love). Here are five Chiara’s  looks that you can definitely get inspired by.

1- Chiara is wearing a bomber jacket with Louis Vuiton bag and Gucci heels.

chiara 5

2- Chiara wearing ripped jeans.


3- Chiara is wearing a hoodie with knee high boots.

chiara 3

4- Chiara Ferragni wearing Valentino dress.


5- She just looks gorgeous



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