5 Ways to Healthy Nails

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Nails are an important part of your beauty regime. Healthy nails just look really beautiful even if you don’t even have a manicure or a nail design. Healthy nails are very attractive. Just imagine your man holding your hand and looking to those broken, dry nails. No, that’s a straight turn off. So, how can you get healthy looking nails in easy steps?


1- Hygiene: Very important to keep your nail clean. Have always a sharp clipper and a neat manicure kit.


2-Moisturize: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. You don’t want to get that dry-looking hand skin and finger nails. A good way to do it is to purchase nail oils. I love them.

3-Keep them dry: It’s very important to keep your fingernails dry so that you don’t leave any chance for bacteria to grow under your nails.


4-Biotin: Take Biotin every day. Biotin is not just good for the hair like most of us know. But it’s also great for strong nails.


5-Wear Dish gloves: Warm water and dish soap that has a lot of harsh chemicals can weaken your nails. Next time put your gloves on and plunge in.

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