Why French Women never get Fat ?

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French women are known for their elegance and fine beauty. But they are mainly known for their slim figures. I have many French friends that I have enjoyed living life with them in the past and closely see  how they are just so far from gaining any weight. I kind of figure out their secret to slim, skinny silhouettes. It is their lifestyle pretty much.

French Women enjoy life to the fullest. Eating is just part of the journey not the journey itself. Therefore, French women enjoy their meals but don’t think about the eating process. They think more about enjoying it either with friends or a glass of wine. So, Please do not focus on food. American women are just obsessed with food. We are constantly thinking of what we are going to eat, counting calories, and going on every diet on in the planet. French women don’t go on diet. They just don’t stress themselves.

Another reason why French women never get fat is the food portions. Oh my God, we Americans oversize everything. We are just used to that. Take a look at their plates. Small potions, really good food, and no craving after that.

Please share your opinion with me !

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