5 Easy Tricks to Model Makeup

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Models in magazines make dream every woman in the street. Women  all want to look like models featured in Vogue. However, what most women don’t realize is that these models don’t even look like themselves, they are all touched up and surrounded by make up professionals who make their only job to perfect their editorials and magazines covers.  Today, any woman have have that model look and be Instagram ready all day long. Here some tricks that can be of a great help. Trust me!

  1. Eyelash Extensions: I have always refused to wear eyelash extensions because I have mad long lashes. However, lately i was introduced to a nice pair of eyelashes that transformed my look completely that night.

eyelash_extensions haliskingdom

  1. Contouring: And there there was contouring ! Taraaa. It is by all means your best weapon to change your face features. Get that touched up look of models in all their photo shoots. Contouring kits are available in all beauty stores, like Sephora.

contouring makeup.png

  1. Highlighting: Part of your contouring process, it work hand in hand with it. Highlighters will gives that glow to the parts you want to show in your face.


  1. Bronzer: Bronzer is great because it will give you that sun kissed face. You will just glow.

bronzer haliskingdom


  1. Foundation: I think one of the best make up tricks is foundation. It is really a great trick to get flawless skin. It covers pimples, scars, and all imperfections. Make sure to buy the right foundation that matches your skin tone and your skin type. My favorite is liquid foundation because it’ s easy to apply and to correct as well.

16-applying-foundation (1)

If you like theses tricks. Please leave a comment and share what you think about models and their make up ?

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