Why is it Frustrating to get the Right shape for your Eyebrows?

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God ! if I only counted the times that I want to scream at the lady in the the trading salon for not getting the right shape for my eyebrows. Usually before she touches my eyebrows I will give her specific instructions on how to shape them. I can even go the extra mile and show her a picture on how I want my eyebrows to look like. But still, I will always leave the salon frustrated and unsatisfied.

In the past, I used to have a lot of time in my hands. I will just sit down and do them myself. Nowadays, unfortunately, I have a very busy schedule, I can hardly have time to go to the trading salon. However, when I decide to go I always have funny feeling of anxiety. Ny hands start getting sweaty, my heart start beating so hard, and start getting really nervous. Going to the trading salon is like going to that first date.

There are many tips online that can help you find the right shape for your eyebrows.

Elle magazine have a great article about eyebrows. You should check it out. I find it very helpful.How to get perfect brows in 5 steps

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