5 Body Exercises you Wanna do before Summer

Body exercises

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Summer is coming soon and the race to achieve a bikini ready body is on. Every woman or man has her own plan to shade theses last inches from her or his body. Coupled with diet, exercise is your only solution to lose the weight and have that dream body. So what are the killer body exercises that you have to do to achieve that.

1-Lunges: Lunges are the best way to tone those legs. Make it your goal to do many repetitions as you can. Do not get lazy doing lunges, make the best out of it.


2-Plank Crunches: Plank crunches are my favorite when it comes to get those sexy abs. I love this exercise, it just makes your core hard as a rock. You also use the buttocks’ muscles too.  Make sure to do as many repetitions as you can so you will get the best of it.


3-Squats: Squats are great to tone that butt, and have a  nice booty for all summer long. Make sure to as many good repetitions possible.


4-Pushups: One of favorite exercises ever. When I do pushups I just feel that my body is very strong even if i didn’t exercise for days. Pushups are great to lift your boobs and also tone your arms. Make sure to form a straight line when you are doing pushups. No hanging butt.


5-Sitting Twists: Goodbye muffin tops ! Sitting Twists is a great exercise to get rid of your love handles. So make it an exercise routine and you will thank me later.


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