How Private is your Private Information on Google


How personal is your personal information online today? This is the most controversial question asked today when we talk about the disadvantages of search engines such as google. The privacy issue online is raising many questions about the effectiveness and the safety of search engine users.

Today, anybody can collect a big part of your personal information just by googling your name. Information like your address, telephone number, pictures, gender, social status, even the schools or universities that you attended or you still attending. In fact, you will be surprised of the amount of information that google has. Google is just like an enormous database of the users’ personal information.

Today, employers will not limit themselves to evaluate your resume or your cover letters; they will go further and search your name online to know more about you. They will go through your facebook and evaluate all your behavior and the way you put yourself out there. Facebook has exposed people to the world in a very dangerous way in my opinion, because somebody may behave seriously and professionally in the real life but it happened that he or she has a pretty funny facebbok page where he or she expose himself or herself in an unprofessional way.

Personal information floating online includes you credit card information can be used in a very dangerous way too. You can easily be the victim of fraud or blackmailing. Therefore, Google should take all the necessary precautions when it comes to privacy. They should find efficient ways to protect the users and give them the right to choose the sort of information they want to share and the information they want to keep private.


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