5 Things to Consider Before Going Under the Knife

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The demand for plastic surgery has skyrocketed in last years thanks to the high light spotting of Media, celebrities, and beauty magazines. Plastic surgery is no longer a luxury that only certain people can afford. It has become a necessity that many people consider. Today, plastic surgery is no longer exclusive to women , men are also interested in going under the knife for cosmetic purposes. However, going under the knife for the first time can be scary as hell. You may have many doubts and speculations regarding the subject. There are many questions that you should ask before going under the knife. Wether you are considering a nose job, a face lift, or lipo. Today I am going to provide you with five necessary things you should consider before throwing yourself out there.

  1. Do your homework: The first thing you want to do is searching for the best plastic surgeon specializing in the procedure you are considering to do. There are many websites that gives you an honest rating about plastic surgeons all over the United States. These websites can even provide you with before and after pictures, that will give you an idea of what to expect when it comes to results. It will also give you an idea about pricing and the doctor’s work ethics.
  2. Be aware of the cost: Make sure to ask many surgeons as possible about the pricing. Many  Plastic surgeons are overpriced to no relevant reason. There are excellent plastic surgeons who does the same job if not better than some famous surgeons with a way less price.
  3. Do not fall for publicity: There many plastic surgeons who spend a hell a lot of money on publicity to get as many customers as they can, then they over charge them. So you are technically paying for the plastic surgeon’s name not the good job he does. I do not deny that some plastic surgeons has earned their name and reputation by excellence. However there some intruders who only care for your money.So be careful.
  4.  Consider other solutions: Going under the knife can be very scary and I think it is terrifying. So think a million time before going under the knife, and know that there are many solution for your issue other than having plastic surgery. Let plastic surgery be your last refuge. For example, if you are considering a nose job, try contouring or make up tricks first.
  5.  everyone is beautiful: Everyone of us is beautiful and unique in a way only him or her can be. So please be happy and content of every inch of your body and fall in love with every feature in your face. The uniqueness of every feature of everyone’s face is what create that beautiful difference that attract us to each other as human beings. Be proud of what you have. You are beautiful.

Hey beautiful, participate with your opinion today!


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