The Shocking Secret Behind Prince’s Death

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How did Prince die? The first question I asked when I read the shocking news of his death. Prince was found dead in the elevator of his Paisley Park studios at the age of 57 years old.

Prince’s death was not a surprise for people who know the music legend. His private plane made an emergency landing Thursday in Illinois after a claim that a non-responsive passenger is on board. Prince, the legend was coming from his last concert in Atlanta.


While the cause of death is still unknown for the moment and everyone is waiting for the results of autopsy, there are rumors and anticipations that the painkillers that the singer was taking  had caused his death. Others say that Prince abused the use of painkillers coupled with cocaine for years.


The singer of “Purple Rain” body was found after five or six days from his death. Nobody was aware of his death. What an ugly end for a beautiful singer who has entertained us for decades with his great songs like “Little Red Corvette” or “ Purple Rain”.


Prince’s fans all gathered in front of his complex in Paisley Park to mourn the music legend, not believing the singer’s death.  They put purple boxes with CD’s of Prince, T-shirts and items of the singer to honor the legend’s memory and say the last goodbye to their to the pop star who left a legacy in the music industry.


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