How to lose weight fast safely

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losing weight has ranked among americans’ top resolutions for year 2016, and to be quite frankly with you it has always been America’s favorite obsession due to many factors. First of all Media in The United states has raised the bar for the ideal body image. fashion and fitness magazines future perfect women and men bodies. while it is a good thing to use it for inspiration, many people find it impossible to lose weight. Today I am going to show you how i am able to maintain a perfect body everyday.

  1. Hit the gym: There is really no way around it. You have to subscribe to a gym that fits your ideal fitness program. The gym is not only only a place to work out. It is a place to socialize and that is going to get you motivated to go repeatedly. Try to set up an auto payment for your gym, this way you are obliged to go and use it. You do not want to lose your money.
  2. Diet, diet, diet: ditch all junk food from your diet such as burgers and pizza. Also forget about french fries. Include as many greens as you can in your diet. Fruits and vegetables should be your best friends in this period. Decease your intake of bread and stick with whole wheat all the time.
  3. Do not eat late at night: We all had these moments when we crave salty Chinese food or peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the middle of the night.Don’t do it because your body will be unable to burn these calories. Get all your calories during the day equally instead.
  4. Take aerobic classes: This something that has always worked for me. I am a little lazy when it comes to going to gym and using all these machines that I hardly know what each one does. Therefore, I always make sure to be part of an Aerobic class to be motivated. Being part of a group of people working out and socializing can be really fan. In addition there a coach who is giving instructions all you have to do is to fallow.
  5. Have a positive attitude: This is the most important thing. Many people would say I want practical solutions not some unreal theories. However, I say if you cannot visualize yourself as thin ad has your dream body, you will never get it. It is that image that you hold in your ming about that body you have always wanted that matter. Stay positive.

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