How to get long beautiful healthy hair

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Hair has always been a beauty crown on any woman’s head. It is just what men has been and will always be attracted to in a woman. Let’s face it long healthy hair is sexy and attractive.However, not everyone is able a grow their hair longer or maintain it in the right way. I have always had long, healthy hair and I was able to enjoy it for so long. Today I am going to give you some secrets that can help you to get your dream hair.

  1. Eat protein: First of all you have to be aware of the hair’s structure and what  it is made off. Hair is equal protein, therefore, you have to be regular with your protein’s  intake, like: lean meat, fish , and beans.
  2. Choose the right products: You have to be careful choosing products for you hair. Choose what suits you hair type or condition. There are many good products in the market that can make you hair shining again.
  3. Stop coloring your hair: I know this is a hard one. No can can really stay without coloring their hair especially when you see the color fading and becoming washed out. However, try to do it less and less, because that dries out the hair and makes it break.
  4. Use oil treatment: I find oil treatment very effective to maintain damaged hair and also to help grow new hair. Try to search for natural essential oils of good quality. Also do not use a big quantity of oil on your hair that will leave it heavy and dull.
  5. Let it dry naturally: You know that was coming! While it is almost impossible for many women to leave their hair dry naturally, it is essential to not use the hair dryer all the time. We are not only using hairdryers nowadays, we are using a bunch of tools like flat iron, curling iron … All this heat coming out from these tools damage the hair.
  6. Trim regularly: You really do not have to overdo it with this one. I always hear or read you have to trim it once every three weeks or four weeks. What I say is trim it when you really need it. Try to maintain your healthy locks as much as you can.




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